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Wedding FAQ


What does Kristen Sloan Wedding Photography offer?

My wedding day photography combines candid photojournalism with beautiful portraits and wedding details. As an experienced wedding photographer, I love anticipating the moments of your wedding day by capturing images which relay the memories from this once in a lifetime event.

As a wedding photographer, it is my duty to make the photo taking process quite enjoyable for my clients, their family and guests. In addition to my photographic talents, my clients enjoy hiring me on their wedding day for my positive personality, attention to detail, and excellent customer service.

 What is your wedding photography pricing?

I typically meet with my potential wedding clients in person to discuss their wedding day details, to show my wedding album samples and to discuss what type of wedding photography package they will need from Kristen Sloan Photography.

 When did you start photographing weddings?

I have been drawn to photography since I was a teenager, studying journalism in high school where I began photographing for my school newspaper and loved designing page layouts. In college, I earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography with my focus in portraiture.

In 1998, I was asked to photograph a friends wedding and fell in love with the whole process of documenting one of the most important days in a couples life. At that time my weddings were photographed with film on multiple camera bodies. I fell in love with the various color and black and white films that I could shoot, each allowing me a different fine art look.

Eventually I began photographing my weddings and portraits digitally, and I have enjoyed the artistic control I have gained in the process. I truly like the post wedding production of images, offering my clients beautifully edited color and black and white images. My favorite part  of photographing weddings is when I present to my clients a beautifully designed wedding album.

For 15 years I photographed weddings in Denver, Colorado and in 2012 moved to Saint Petersburg Tampa Bay Florida.

 Do you include or sell wedding albums?

I have always offered wedding album design and production because I feel it is very important to print photographic images and present them to my clients, especially now with digital photography. Most of my wedding photography packages include a wedding album credit.

Do you use a second photographer?

Yes! I learned very early on covering weddings that having a second photographer was the key to providing my clients the best photographic coverage, attention to detail and customer service on their wedding day. This second perspective truly allows Kristen Sloan Photography to creatively tell the story of your wedding day.

At smaller, very intimate weddings, you may not need or want a second photographer and we can discuss this as an option. I have had the honor of photographing elopements and very small weddings which would have lost some of their intimacy with a second photographer present.

 Are my wedding photos posted online?

Yes. Three to four weeks after the wedding day edited and corrected images will be posted on the Kristen Sloan Photography website. Friends and Family may view and order photographs from this online gallery.

 Do you include digital negatives?

Yes. All of my packages include digital negatives. I photograph all of my weddings in a raw format, edit, and color correct my selected images for the online galleries. High resolution images are delivered to the client on a USB drive 4 weeks after the wedding day.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

I include an engagement session with most of my wedding packages because it provides an opportunity for you to become comfortable in front of my camera and for us to get to know each other.

My engagement sessions generally last 1-2 hours and can be shot in a locations that appeals to you as a couple.  I generally will guide you in your posing and then allow you to be yourselves. I try to keep engagement sessions light-hearted and fun, always looking for the best locations, light  and moments.


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